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Add Youthful Looking Skin To The List of Pomegranate Health Benefits

Sure, pomegranates and their juice are great for a healthy lifestyle. Arthritis, neonatal brain injuries, high cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease are just a few of the conditions that pomegranate health benefits potentially can contribute to. And that’s not mentioning that pomegranates have also been found to potentially help with different kinds of cancer! But along with the many pomegranate health benefits that can be found inside the body, are there any that can be found outside? Well, goodness shines from the inside out and this is also true with the pomegranate. And all that work that pomegranates do for you inside can be seen in the many benefits pomegranates have for the skin.

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One of the main pomegranate health benefits is the incredible amount of antioxidants that can be found within just one piece of fruit. And there are on average 12 pomegranates in every 1 L (33.8 fl. oz.) bottle.  These antioxidants fight against cancer-causing cells, but they also have another more indirect effect, and that’s on your skin! Antioxidants are very important in the aging process because these are what fight free radicals. Studies indicate that free radicals break down cells and eventually destroy them. Antioxidants combat these and give them no room to grow, and disallow them from destroying any more cells.

And there’s something else about these antioxidants that contribute to the benefits pomegranates have on the skin. This is the fact that antioxidants can greatly help protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. However, because antioxidants work from the inside out, getting this protection from something as delicious as 100% pomegranate juice is much more effective than things like moisturizers or sunscreen – and much tastier too!

In addition to the benefits pomegranates have on the skin due to their antioxidants, this fruit also helps maintain collagen and keep it healthier for longer. Collagen of course, is the elasticity in our skin that gives it its bounce and helps prevent wrinkles from forming. And, the healthier the collagen you have in your skin, the younger and fresher it’s going to look!

The fact that there are so many benefits pomegranates have on the skin is quickly being realized by many, even professionals in the cosmetic industry. More and more cosmetic and skin care manufacturers are now including pomegranate extract in their products, and toting its anti-aging benefits. However, there is usually not enough of the extract in these products to really make much of a difference.

What will make a difference however is drinking 100% pomegranate juice. From this juice you’ll get all of the benefits pomegranates have on the skin, as well as all the other benefits pomegranates have to offer. Our PureGranate® pomegranate juice is all-natural and only contains pomegranate juice. There is no sugar, no added color, and no extra fillers. So you can be sure that you’re getting the powerful antioxidants, and enough of them to really make a big difference in your skin. In fact, you only have to drink one glass of PureGranate® a day to start seeing an improvement in your skin.

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